Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1, January and February 2021 
Identifying Challenges of Providing Care for Trauma Patients; A Concurrent Mixed Methods Study

Pages 32-40


Zahra Jamshidi; Kian Nourozi Tabrizi; Masoud Fallahi-Khoshknab; Asghar Dalvandi; Fatemeh Vizeshfar; Hamidreza Khankeh

Designing a Guideline for Emergency Medical Communication Center Staff to Help Road Traffic Crash Patients: A Delphi Study

Pages 41-51


Hojjat Shafaee; Abbas Ostadtaghizadeh; Davoud Khorasani-Zavareh; Shahrzad Nematollahi; Jon Mark Hirshon; Amir hosein Mirhaghi; Mohammad Javad Moradian


Preoperative Education for Pain Relief after the Lower Limb Joint Replacement Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Pages 52-60


Mohammadreza Reza Moharrami; Hasan Mohammadipour Anvari; Leili Abedi Gheshlaghi; Behrooz Nazari


Pregnant Women and COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 61-62


Maliheh Arab; Somayyeh Noei Teymoordash