Limitation of Mandibular Movement: A Rare Case Report of Unilateral Zygomatico-Coronoid Interference




Introduction: Zygomatico-coronoid interference is a rare type of mandibular extracapsular ankylosis. There is a lack of information on the treatment of these cases in the literature. Condylectomy and coronoidectomy are not always the best options for the treatment of limitations in mandibular movement. Case Presentation: A 51-year-old woman presented with mouth-opening limitation due to zygomatic bone displacement and interference with the coronoid process. The treatment plan was bilateral coronoidectomy through an intraoral approach and osteotomy of the right zygomatic arch through an extraoral incision. The patient was able to open her mouth to approximately 40 mm after surgery. The patient underwent physiotherapy during follow-up appointments. There was no relapse after three months of follow-up. Conclusions: This study shows that simultaneous arch osteotomy and coronoidectomy may be an appropriate treatment procedure for zygomatico-coronoid interference