Architecture Capabilities to Improve Healthcare Environments




Background: The physical environment of healthcare buildings has great importance in issues such as patient safety, functional efficiency, user satisfaction, healthcare outcomes, and energy and resources consumption. Objectives: The present study assesses physical environments of Iranian healthcare buildings. Materials and Methods: This study was performed using a descriptive-analytical method. Data collection was carried out via a written questionnaire. Results: Based on the findings of this study, "functional efficiency", "user satisfaction", "environmental issues", "patient safety", "accountability in incidents and disasters", and "flexibility" are regarded as the most issues in the country's hospitals. Also, none of the parameters is "without any problem" and has a "desirable status". Conclusions: According to the responses, all of the healthcare buildings in this research had flaws in their physical environment, which require attention. Thus, it is necessary to review and pay more attention to the architecture of the country's healthcare buildings.