Trauma-related Therapeutic Procedures at Shohada Trauma Center in Tabriz




Background: To decrease the burden of injuries it is essential to have an overview of trauma patterns and its management at regional trauma centers. Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate some patterns of trauma and trauma-related therapeutic interventions at our trauma center. Materials and Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 19530 trauma cases admitted to the emergency department and hospital wards of Shohada University Hospital during 2007-2008 were assessed. Results: Of the 19530 trauma cases, 14960(76.7%) were males. Mean (SD) of age was 31(19.9) years. The elderly aged 65 and above, comprised 10% (1953) of the participants; while 44 were infants. Falls and traffic injuries were the most common cause of injuries among trauma patients. Most of the mortalities were men comprising 74% of the 57 deaths. Reduction of fractures and dislocations were the most common types of operations among trauma patients. Conclusions: Young men form the target group for possible interventions to decrease the burden of trauma following falls and traffic accidents.