A Simple and Light Weight External Fixator for Distraction Advancement Manoplasty




Background: With the growing interest in long bone distraction several types of distractors have been introduced; all have the same principle of an outer structure which acts like a scaffold and the distracting mechanism is a separate device which is mounted on this outer structure. Objectives: We have used a simple and very light weight external fixator we designed and discuss the results of distraction and advantages of this device . Materials and Methods: We applied our distractor to treat 14 men and four women, with a mean age of 39 years. There were three thumbs and 23 fingers; 26 digits (18 patients) lengthened by distraction callotasis and second stage bone grafting evaluated accordingly. Results: All patients but one were satisfied with the results and a stable pinch and grip was obtained. After lengthening, all patients maintained sensation of the finger pulp, as assessed by the Semes - Weinstein test. Conclusions: The superiority of this device for manoplasty lies in its simplicity of construction in addition to being, lightweight and also eases of application.