Skiing Injuries at the Dizin Ski Resort




Skiing is one of the more popular winter sports which may cause injuries. The objective of this study was to identify the most common types of injuries in Iran’s largest ski resort. This cross-sectional descriptive study was performed on 1233 of patients admitted to the Dizin Resort Infirmary in 2008-2009. Obtained data included age, gender, injury type and medical interventions. All data were analyzed by SPSS 16.0 software. Results showed that 75% of the patients were male and 25% female. The mean age was found to be 27.86 (± 9.95) years. Most patients were between 20-29 years old (55.2%). The most common injury was knee trauma (14.4%). Other common injuries were soft tissue injury (12.1%), shoulder trauma (8.1%), head and face trauma (7%) and wrist trauma (5.5%) respectively. There was a significant relationship between age and sex i.e. the age in women was less than men’s (P < 0.001). We found a relationship between age and injury type. The lowest mean age (24.83) was reported in the patients with head and face injuries and the highest mean age (44.5) was in the patients with malleolus fracture (P < 0.001). Additionally, sex and knee trauma proved to be connected with more prevalence in women (P = 0.001). There was also a significant relationship between sex and shoulder injuries showing a higher prevalence in men (P = 0.015).