Comparison of Mindfulness Based Therapy and Pharmacotherapy on Trauma Related Symptoms




Background: Trauma related disorder is a common disorder in warfare victims. The present study investigated the effectiveness of mindfulness-based therapy and pharmacotherapy improving the clinical symptoms of warfare victims suffering from the disorder. Methods: This experimental study was carried out in 2016 on 28 warfare victims with a trauma related disorder. They were randomly assigned into two groups (mindfulness therapy and pharmacotherapy). The study gathered combat-related trauma related disorder data and analyzed it via repeated measures ANOVA. Results: The results showed that a significant (P < 0.001) decrease in the psychological symptoms of mindfulness therapy group was noted in the post-test and follow-up test. Conclusions: The results showed the effectiveness of mindfulness-based therapy improved the psychological symptoms of warfare victims with trauma related disorders. Mindfulness-based therapy can reduce the psychological symptoms of individuals with trauma related disorders.