Isolated Displaced Capitate Fracture: A Case Report




Introduction: Isolated fractures of the capitate account for only 0.3% of carpal bones fractures. Case Presentation: We report a motorbike rider, aged 27 years, who was involved in a motorcycle accident. He complained of right wrist pain, and wrist motion was considerably impaired. In the right wrist radiograph and CT scan, we diagnosed an isolated displaced capitate fracture. Open reduction was done under regional anaesthesia. After confirming the guide-wire’s position and reduction of the fracture by imaging, we applied a headless compression screw (HCS, Synthes, Paoli, USA). After 24 months, the patient regained pain-free activity level with 90% of grip strength (in comparison with the contralateral wrist), with extension, flexion, radial deviation, ulnar deviation, supination, and pronation of 75°, 75°, 15°, 30°, 80°, and 80°, respectively. Conclusions: This study suggested that an early diagnosis and open reduction of the displaced fragment in the treatment of such difficult fractures can lead to a successful outcome