Arthroscopic Fixation of Traumatic Tibial Bone Avulsion of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Using Scorpion Suture Passer: A New Technique




Several operative techniques have been described for operative treatment of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) avulsion injuries. Here we introduce a new arthroscopic suture technique for the treatment of PCL avulsion fracture using Scorpion suture passer. Three standard portals of anteromedial, anterolateral, and posteromedial are established along with the central trans-patellar tendon portal, if necessary. A Scorpion suture passer and No. 2 FiberWire were used to put two sutures at the base of the PCL-bone interface. After reducing the fragment, a tibial target guide for PCL was used to make a tunnel at the center of the fracture site and the fragment, if possible. An Endotack is used to fix the sutures at the anterior border of the tibia. This is a practical technique with a short learning curve and biomechanically stable fixation.