Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Adolescent Victims of Motor-Vehicle Collisions




Background: The scientific literature highlighted the relevance of psychopathological symptoms and psychiatric disorders among the victims of accidents. The research that focused on non-fatal injuries has paid limited attention to mental disorders in adolescent victims of motor vehicle collisions (MVCs). However, adolescents’ emotional-behavioural functioning and psychopathological risk can be related to their likability of being victims of road accidents. Objectives: This study aimed to synthesize data gathered in an Italian emergency department, specifically focusing on adolescents attending the service for the physical consequences of a motor vehicle collision. Methods: An ad hoc anamnestic self-report questionnaire was administered to 410 adolescents involved in MVCs. Results and Conclusions: This preliminary report shows that non-fatal injuries are very common among adolescents, being particularly related to poor mental health.