Access and Necessity for Road Emergency Sites




Background: Fatal road accidents are among the most important causes of mortality in the world; Iran has one of the world’s highest accident fatality rates. Therefore, it is important to have efficient pre-hospital emergency services. Objectives: The main aim of this study was to assess the road emergency sites (RECs) in Iran. Materials and Methods: Provincial data were used for this purpose. Concentration index, concentration curve, Lorenz curve, and the Gini coefficient were calculated to assess the distribution of RECs. Results: The results of this study showed that the distribution of RECs was in favor of provinces with higher road fatalities, but it was equal to the need for RECs. The results of the Poisson regression showed that RECs were not distributed by population density, but rather were distributed according to road injuries, needs and average yearly rainfall. Conclusions: While the distribution of RECs is equal with regard to the need, the number of RECs is still inadequate.