Dangerous Toys for Teenagers: Air Weapons




Introduction: Air weapons are used for sport, hunting, firearm training or just for fun, especially by teenagers, worldwide. These weapons are generally regarded as toys, and injuries from these weapons are thought to be harmless by users, parents and even officials. Improvements in weapons technology make the penetration power of these toys similar to conventional hand guns. To increase awareness about the serious injuries associated with these guns. Case Presentation: The medical records of four teenage boys shot by air weapons between January 2012 and January 2013 in Mersin, Turkey, were retrospectively reviewed in this study. Of the four boys, two needed prompt thoracic intervention due to pneumo/hemothorax, one needed urgent abdominal exploration due to pneumoperitoneum and bleeding from the spleen and one was treated conservatively. Conclusions: Air weapons can cause serious injuries among children. Increased public awareness, limitations to their usage and strict legislation are needed to protect children.