Assessment of Hospital Management and Surge Capacity in Disasters




Background: Hospital administrators play a key role in the effective management of surge capacity in disasters, but there is little information available about the characteristics required to manage this. Objectives: In this study, we aimed to identify characteristics of hospital administrators that are important in the effective management of surge capacity in disasters. Materials and Methods: This was a qualitative study. Semi-structured purposive interviews were conducted with 28 hospital administrators who had experience working in surge situations in hospitals during disasters. Framework analysis was used to analyze the data. Results: Three themes and 12 subthemes were identified. The themes were as follows: 1) crisismanagerial characteristics, 2) personal characteristics, and 3) specific requirements. Conclusions: In this study, some characteristics that had a positive impact on the success of a manager in a hospital surge situation were identified. These characteristics ought to be taken into account when appointing hospital administrators and designing training programs for hospital administrators with the aim of being better prepared to face disasters.