Author = Mahdi Mohammadzadeh
Number of Articles: 2
1. Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injury in Patients From Kashan, Iran

Volume 21, Issue 4, September and October 2016


Esmaeil Fakharian; Mahdi Mohammadzadeh; Shirin Behdadmehr; Hamid Reza Sabri; Azadeh Sadat Mirzadeh; Javad Mohammadzadeh

2. Ibn Sina’s (Avicenna) Contributions in the Treatment of Traumatic Injuries

Volume 17, Issue 2, January and February 2012, Pages 301-304


Mohammad Ghannaee Arani; Esmaiel Fakharian; Abolfazl Ardjmand; Hashem Mohammadian; Mahdi Mohammadzadeh; Fahimeh Sarbandi